So You Don’t Think AA Is Going To Work For You?

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The Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous

A lot of people don’t think that AA is going to work for them. AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, and similar twelve step programs don’t work for everyone. However, the universality of the spiritual experience in recovery has brought a solution to the problem of alcoholism for millions of people around the world. Alcoholics Anonymous isn’t exclusive to America.

The 12 step program is available in most countries. Alcoholics Anonymous, also referred to as “The Big Book” is available in dozens and dozens of languages. Despite the use of the word “God” and some of the American-specific references of the great market crash, the personal experiences, strength, and hope of the stories within the book, in addition to the format and structure of the 12 steps, has become a global language of recovery. That’s impressive.

Some people are too smart for AA and aren’t impressed by the simplicity of the program. For such individuals, recovery should be more complicated, challenging, and intellectually stimulating. Alcoholics Anonymous is not reserved for the feeble-minded.

There are specific and private meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous which cater to high-intelligence career folk like lawyers, doctors, and major business owners. There are addicts and alcoholics active in their personal programs of recovery working for the government in Washington, D.C. Policymakers and law changers pick up their cup of coffee and sit down to read the twelve steps in meetings of their own, too.

No matter who the people are, what their job title is, or what language they speak, the 12 steps and the book, the traditions and the format, the program of recovery created by Alcoholics Anonymous is the same.

Oftentimes, people who think they are above the simplicity of AA have the hardest time grasping it, despite how simple it is. Don’t drink or use, no matter what. Clean your side of the street. When you’re wrong, promptly admit it. Pray and meditate. Be of service to others. Believe in something greater than yourself.

There is no one way to recover. Lakehouse Recovery Center includes recovery and non-recovery activities as well as 12 step and non-12 step activities to create a balanced approach to treatment. For more information on our residential treatment programs, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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