We Don’t Shoot Our Wounded

New To 12 Step Program

If you are new to any 12-Step program, you may notice the variety of members that come and go. There are old-timers you’ll see daily, and others occasionally. You will see some people a couple of times, and then never again. Then there are the newcomers. There are the true newcomers, who have never been sober before, and have never had any experience with the 12 Steps; and there are the newcomers who keep coming back. Regardless of sober time, all members are equally important, and play a vital role in keeping the program alive and available to those who need it.

Staying Sober

For those of us who have struggled with staying sober and have bounced in and out of the program, we are thankful our seats are still available when we come crawling back into the rooms. No matter how many times a person feels the need to go back out and do some research on whether they’re an alcoholic or a drug addict, they are welcomed back home to whichever Anonymous group they belong. Not only are their stories important to remind the rest of us of what happens when we relapse, but they show us just how close we all are to the next drink or drug.

If you have relapsed and are feeling embarrassed or ashamed for what has happened, don’t. Everyone wants you to come back; when we see someone walk through those doors that we feared dead, we are beyond thrilled. Not everyone makes it. The longer you stick around, the more funerals you will attend. This disease is dead serious, and when someone has the courage to come back, and make the effort to save their life, we welcome them with open arms. We don’t shoot our wounded.

No matter what your story happens to be, if you are an addict or an alcoholic, you will always have a place to go if you want to stop drinking or using. For those of us who stick around, we help the newcomers. For those of us who are newcomers, we help the old-timers remember what it was like. And for those of us who are return customers, we give others hope that no matter what happens, help is available, if we want it.


If you want help, it is here for you. The Lakehouse Recovery Center welcomes you with open arms, and if you want a different life, you can have it here. This is a place where you can heal, recover, and begin a new journey toward the life that you want to live. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707. Give us a call, you can recover, and your life can change.


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