You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom

For anyone struggling with addiction, you can make a u-turn before you bottom out. For some people, bottoming out is death. They no longer have the option to change, get well, and lead happy, fulfilling lives. The thought that an individual has to get to the lowest of lows in their addiction in order to get sober just isn’t true. Sure, many people do go to extremes in active addiction, but it doesn’t mean you should. You can get off the train at the next stop without taking it to the end—because really, you have no way of knowing where your end may be.

If you can get truly honest with yourself about your drinking or using, you will see that you are at a bottom. Some people hit their bottom and don’t know it. Maybe a nudge from the judge brought you to recovery, or your family has grown tired of your behavior. Whatever it is and wherever you are at, you can stop the chaos from getting any worse—because it will get worse if you don’t. If you’re giving yourself a good honest look, ask yourself if you are willing to make a change. Recovery comes down to honesty and willingness; without either, your bottom may not be in sight.

Plenty of people in recovery have what is referred to as a ‘high-bottom’. They didn’t lose their job or family; they didn’t end up in jail or on the front page. They were lucky to not have contracted any diseases and they haven’t run over any pedestrians—yet. For the people with high bottoms, think of everything that you could possibly imagine going wrong in addiction, as a yet. Just because you’ve never had something horrific happen, doesn’t mean it won’t if you keep drinking or using. The good news is that these things are all preventable. If you have a desire to stop drinking or using and want to stop the rock bottom train from rolling downhill, all you have to do is ask for help.




If you are struggling with addiction, call The Lakehouse Recovery Center. You do not have to keep living in the darkness of addiction. No one knows what their bottom is, because death is the true bottom. Don’t let it take you. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) 762-3707. Take this opportunity to change your life. You can recover, call now.


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