Don’t Forget to Laugh About Recovery

Addiction and recovery are no laughing matter. Every day, dozens upon dozens are dying of injury, accident, overdose, and addiction-related complications. Around the world there is a growing drug crisis. Drugs have become so dangerous first responders cannot save the people who are overdosing on them. It’s nothing to laugh about.

Getting sober, however, is a new opportunity at life. Laughter is essential to staying sober. We might argue that it takes a healthy dose of laughter to get sober. Laughter is considered to be a healing medicine. When people laugh, they are releasing and enjoying their lives. Addiction is no laughing matter. A second chance at life is nothing to laugh about. However, we also cannot be expected to feel solemn and sorrowful, even ashamed and guilty, about our addiction for the rest of our lives. Our recovery from drugs and alcohol is not a condemnation but a celebration. We are alive. We are staying sober. We have a reason to celebrate.

One story-teller in “The Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous writes what we can share as members of the recovery community. “We can share in the laughter and tears of our many friends, and most important, we can share our A.A. way of life and are given a daily opportunity to help others.” When we forget to laugh about our recovery we forget to show people who are still struggling in their addiction that recovery is worth fighting for. Caught up in our selfishness or self-centeredness, neglecting to enjoy ourselves and our new chance at life, we don’t fully “carry the message of recovery”. Laughter resonates from the room of every 12 step meeting and treatment center. Addicts and alcoholics are learning to laugh a little bit more everyday. What they once took so seriously they can take with a grain of salt. They realize the ludicrousness of their past and the wild hilarity of their future opportunities. Many a recovering individual’s story includes a comment about hearing groups of alcoholics in recovery laughing. How could they be so happy? What could they possibly have to laugh about? They aren’t drinking or using drugs anymore! Therein lies the true humor of it all.

We laugh in recovery, we enjoy the fact that we have overcome our past and live every day in a beautiful present because we don’t drink or use drugs anymore. We have accomplished the impossible, and quit. We are pioneers of a revolution in living life because we have learned to live and let live. As recovering addicts and alcoholics, we have found that we can laugh about recovery because life is great without drugs and alcohol.

Are you ready to see what all of the fuss is about? We take the business of recovery seriously at Lakehouse Recovery Center. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive residential treatment and a one year after care program to show you how to enjoy living your life again without drugs and alcohol. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it. The water’s great. Come on in. Call us today for more information: 877.762.3707


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