Don’t Fall For Imposter Syndrome In Recovery!

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There’s a common imagery used in recovery which describes a person sitting in treatment or the rooms of recovery support groups while their addiction or alcoholism does push ups in the parking lot. Addiction is progressive, but so is recovery. That means, the longer you work at recovery, the more you are able to grow. However, that old voice of doubt and criticism can get in the way. Don’t let it!

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is a phenomena in which someone suddenly becomes deeply convinced that they are a fraud, or an imposter, in their accomplishments. All the sparkle and pride in their eyes disappears, replaced by shame, doubt, and self-criticism. Self-esteem is fragile in recovery.

Addicts and alcoholics have put themselves through the ringer, most often, and crushed their idea of self-worth in the process. Sadly, it is often a moment of thinking thoughts like I’m not worth it, I’ll never change, and I haven’t changed anyway which can cause a relapse. Chunks of time are acknowledged in recovery for many reasons.

One reason is to avoid imposter syndrome. Addicts and alcoholics in recovery have to recognize the triumph of their accomplishments at 30, 60, 90 days and six months, then every year thereafter. Staying sober for a day was once an impossible task.

Staying over long term, making significant life changes, and growing as a person is absolutely nothing less than miraculous. Imposter syndrome can come in and be convincing that none of it matters, none of it is real, and none of it should go on.

Believe In Yourself And Your Recovery

You’re doing it. There’s no two ways about it. Perhaps you’re not doing it as well as you could. Maybe you should be doing things differently. Be wary of the would– you would do better if you were really serious about being sober. Yikes! If you stay sober one day at a time- you stay sober one day at a time! Of course there might be better ways to do things. The one thing you aren’t doing is using drugs and alcohol, which would complicate the whole “sober in recovery” thing. Give yourself a break and believe in yourself! You work this because you’re worth this.

We believe in you and your ability to recover. We want to show you how to believe in yourself. The programs at Lakehouse Recovery Center are designed to promote wellness and healing in addition to showing clients how to thrive in recovery. For more information call us today at 877.762.3707.


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