You Don’t Even Yoga

Yoga gets a bad rap.  Even though the number of people practicing it has increased, admitting to doing yoga is still likely to get a “really bro?” look from some.  That is a total bummer though, studies have shown that yoga has some incredible benefits, and when coupled with a strength training program, newly converted yogis have seen some straight-up gains in the gym.  The benefits have been so incredible that many professional athletes, including NFL stars, have turned to, and swear by, a regular practice.  Here are a few truth bombs about the benefits of yoga, feel free to drop them next time you get “the look”.

You Will Increase Your Flexibility

One common downside to getting swole is a loss of flexibility.  Many people who exclusively rely on weight training find themselves with a decreased range of motion.  A regular yoga practice can loosen your tight muscles and help you maximize every move in the gym.

Yoga Helps Relieve Soreness

As you loosen those tight muscles your body will begin to break down the lactic acid that builds up causing you to be sore.  Stretching your muscles and sweating out all your body’s toxins will help heal your muscles quicker so you can get back to maximum performance in the gym.

Yoga Will Increase Your Strength

A regular yoga practice will give some huge boosts to your overall strength.  More importantly, it will be a boost to your body’s functional strength, meaning the muscles you use in everyday life.  Some of the more intense poses in yoga will hammer every muscle in your body at once.  Add a couple days of yoga per week to your strength training program and let the gains on max-day speak for themselves.

Helps to Strengthen Your Bones

Stronger bones make stronger bodies and yoga is a great way to increase bone strength.  In part because of the increased blood flow, yoga has been shown to increase bone density and strength.  The stretching involved in many poses also can strengthen tendons and loosen joints.

You Will Improve Your Balance

Balance is one of the pillars of athleticism.  By increasing your balance you decrease injury chances and improve mobility.  The improved balance that yoga provides will last you long into life and make sure you remain active and athletic for years to come.


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