Don’t Drink and Go to Meetings

If you are new to recovery and are going to 12-Step meetings, you might hear this phrase a lot. It is highly suggested that whatever you do to recover, go to meetings and don’t drink in between them. It’s a simple enough solution, or at least it sounds like it. The idea behind it is, if you can get yourself in the habit of going to meetings frequently, you’ll have less time on your hands, less time to think about drinking, and a commitment to stay sober until the next meeting starts. Though many of us have, no one wants to show up to a 12-Step meeting drunk when you’re trying to stay sober. Whatever you do, don’t drink between meetings, and keep coming back, one day at a time.

In the process of going to meetings, you will begin to meet fellow alcoholics, and some will become your friends. It is these friends who will save you from drowning, and the reverse—you will throw them a life preserver when they need it most. The more we attend meetings, the more familiar our face becomes, and the more we will be missed if we stop showing up. Meetings keep us accountable. When people know you, they will know something is up if you go missing. In fact, some of them may come looking for you; this may sound strange or even a bit annoying, but if you’re in trouble, you need help. We cannot do this alone, and we all need to stick together.

Meetings are also a place where you can get involved with the fellowship. Commitments are available for anyone who wants to be of service to others. If you have a commitment to show up and make coffee, you’re much less likely to get loaded in the meantime. If you have the willingness to stay sober, hitting meetings as much as you can will buy you a little recovery insurance. You can also find a sponsor here who will walk you through the steps; don’t feel like a burden to them, because being your sponsor is a way of keeping them sober. It all comes full circle, and you are a welcome piece to the puzzle.

There will never be a better day to get sober than today. The Lakehouse Recovery Center can show you how to live without alcohol. It may sound impossible to not drink, but there is a whole new life out there that you have yet to experience, and you can do it sober. Don’t put off your freedom from the bottle another day, give us a call. We are available toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707. Recovery is possible, and you can do this. Call today.


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