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“To whom it may concern,” Dr. William D. Silkworth writes in The Doctor’s Opinion of Alcoholics Anonymous, “I have specialized in the treatment of alcoholism for many years.” Before the core chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous begins, the authors put in a letter from Dr. Silkworth, the doctor who attended, numerous times, to Bill Wilson, the founder of AA. Knowing that many an alcoholic would skeptical that there could be a solution to their problem of alcohol, the authors included Dr. Silkworth’s opinion.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the original 12 step program which has laid the foundation for dozens of other organizations. The 12 steps are often called a “spiritual solution” or a “spiritual program for living”. Spirituality and science often collide rather than move together. Even Dr. Silkworth was skeptical. Yet, for his patient Bill Wilson, who he described as “hopeless,” science was falling short.

Bill wasn’t the only one. “I personally know scores of cases who were of the type with whom other methods had failed completely,” the doctor writes. Bill had been admitted multiple times for his problem with alcohol.

Upon his last admission, the doctor gravely warned him that one more episode with alcohol could result in what is called “Wet Brain Syndrome”. Bill’s brain and connection to life was in danger. He couldn’t stop drinking, no matter what he tried. Without going into too much detail, the doctor describes the spiritual solution as “certain ideas concerning a possible means of recovery.”

AA Is Helpful in Healing All Parts of You

The means of recovery to which the doctor refers was the monuments spiritual breakthrough Bill experienced one day laying in his bed and the subsequent steps he commenced to take like making an honest inventory of himself, making amends to those he had harmed, and sharing his message with other “hopeless” alcoholics. Within years AA membership grew by the thousands.

Today, over 90% of treatment centers, run by clinicians and licensed psychologists, utilize the 12 step method and encourage clients to go to 12 step meetings. Of course, there are many doctors who argue against spirituality as a solution for a scientific problem. 12 step can be a solitary solution but is best when integrated with other clinical treatments for healing the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Lakehouse Recovery integrates 12 step philosophy into our personal philosophy of learning how to have fun again in recovery. From 12 step meetings out on the boat to non-twelve step and non-recovery activities, our clinically based program is showing clients how to Iive free from dependency on drugs and alcohol. For more information, call us today at (877) 762-3707.


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