Defining Wellness in Recovery


We like things done well. We like things to be made well, cooked well, and done well. We like to feel well as opposed to feeling unwell. Wellness is simply defined as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”. We focus on wellness in recovery from addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis disorders because when we are struggling with our mental health, we struggle with our physical health, as well as our spiritual health. Generally, we are unwell. Unwell being defined as “being in poor health”.

Wellness in recovery is defined in many ways. The focus of wellness is important for recovery from addiction and mental health because of the pervasive shame and stigma that surrounds both mental health disorders and recovery from them. Addiction, for example, faces a great amount of criticism for being a moral issue rather than a medical issues. Instead of seeing addicts and alcoholics as sick people in need of getting well, they are seen as bad people who need to be seen as becoming good or criminals who need to be returned to good standing. Addicts and alcoholics are often described as immoral people who need to find morality. Some of this is true of addicts and alcoholics. Many people do become official “criminals” because they commit crimes. Addicts and alcoholics act immorally because there is an understanding of what constitutes morality. More accurately, addicts and alcoholics act without consequence, because they are experiencing a change in the wiring of their brain which disregards consequence. The one thing addicts and alcoholics are not are bad people who need to get good. They are simply being influenced by a chemical tendency toward bad decision making.

As a result, addicts and alcoholics end up in poor health. They are not well in their ability to think, to act, or to physically function. Spiritually, they have lose their faith, their hope, and their lust for life. People who come to recovery tend to do so in a broken, desperate, hopeless state, mentally exhausted, and physically unwell. When they recover their physical health, their mental health, and a renewed spirit, people in recovery are gaining back their wellness. Currently, no specific metrics exist to tell one recovering addict from the next, “You’re well. You’re not.” because everyone recovers differently. With a focus on therapy, physical exercise, and spiritual healing, addicts and alcoholics in recovery are able to become well again, living in good health.


We know you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. We’ve been there. You have an opportunity to rest and restore at Lakehouse Recovery Center where we focus on integrative approaches to treatment including recovery and non-recovery activities. Our beautiful lakefront home is the serene environment you need to find wellness in all areas of your life again. For information, call us today:  877.762.3707


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