What Is A Day Of Residential Inpatient Treatment Like?

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A day of residential treatment varies from one treatment center to the next. Below, find a general description of the work, responsibility, and fun that goes into a day of healing at Lakehouse Recovery Center.

Morning Responsibilities

Detox is the time period for rest and restoration. Residential inpatient is where the work begins to happen. Through various therapies, healings, and integrative activities, the mind, body, and spirit, have a chance to heal. At Lakehouse, the day starts promptly at 8am for residential inpatient clients. Those who are still in their detox phase have the much needed opportunity to rest.

Before the morning begins, the day starts with accountability. Rooms are meant to be cleaned and organized at the start of the day with beds made. By 8:30 there is a morning meditation session which might include a guided mindfulness exercise, reading from a recovery related text, or participating in an intention setting activity.

DayTime Therapy

Throughout the rest of the morning until lunch, clients are in various group therapy sessions. Lakehouse emphasizes a diversified treatment plan, utilizing different kinds of therapy techniques and group processing applications to make the most out of treatment. Doing “the work” of recovery can work up an appetite.

Our residential home features a gourmet chef who provides nutritionally-focused and well-balanced meals designed to enhance healing for the brain and the body.

Afternoon Therapy

After lunch, clients are put into their appointments which could include various treatment methods, going to see doctors and psychiatrists, or meeting with their individual therapists. Depending on the day, there might be additional group therapies in the afternoon, typically focusing on an activity rather than didactic learning or processing.

Late Afternoon Free Time

Free time is given to clients so they can start to put their tools of recovery into practice. Whether it is taking a nap or shower, working with a twelve step sponsor, or going to the gym, clients have the chance to take care of themselves for a few hours.

Kayaking, fishing, going out on the boat, or taking a swim are all luxury availabilities for our clients because of our unique location on the beautiful Lake Sherwood. Clients are encouraged to connect with nature and find ways to create meaning in their self-care by having adventures outside.

Fellowship And Fun

In the evenings, Lakehouse hosts recovery panels which can include visiting speakers from 12 step groups. One of our most special evening events is hosting a twelve step meeting on our boat, floating in the middle of our beautiful lake. After the last dose of recovery for the day, clients learn to have more fun with their night.

Nighttime in early recovery can often be triggering. Winding down the busy day can result in irritability or restlessness at the prospect of stillness and no more structure. The Lakehouse residential home is equipped with a game room to support movie watching, billiards, playing music, and having fun.


Recovery isn’t one size fits all. Learning to have fun in recovery and live well without drugs and alcohol is the universal recovery experience. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we utilize recovery and non-recovery therapies to create a fully balanced treatment plan for clients. For more information call us today at  877.762.3707.


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