Daily 12 Step Practices You Need for Recovery

Many reading this will be familiar with twelve-step programs and how each step is designed to aid in recovery.  Those who are unfamiliar with the twelve steps should familiarize themselves to get the most out of these practices.

Support Team Contact

You will need help to have a successful recovery.  Over time you may begin to feel you need less support.  Your resolve may be growing but having no support is dangerous.  Call your support friends regularly to check in.


Prayer is a great way to spend some time thinking about what you would say and how you want to live if a supreme being is watching over you.  What matters in this practice is realizing you are small yet significant.

Decision Filter

You are bombarded everyday with decisions.  Some may be inconsequential, but all are worth your brain power.  Choose to make decisions as the new you. Consciously consider your old, addicted self as dead and unable to think for you anymore.


Take some time to sit an think everyday about who you are as a person.  Think about who you want to become, and brainstorm ways of getting there.


Accountability is a regularly scheduled meeting with someone you trust.  This person knows your struggle with addiction and meets with you to target your struggle directly.  Be honest and accountability will help you immensely.

Mirror Talk

Be creepy and stare at yourself in the mirror every once in awhile.  Think about the shortcomings you have and what you would like them to be replaced with.  Mirror talk can turn you into an optimist.

Mindfulness About Improvement

When you encounter one of those character issues you do not like about yourself be sure to spend some time processing it.  What caused it?  How can you do better next time?

Make a List

The actual step in the program tells you to make a list of people you have wronged and be willing to ask for forgiveness.  Give it a try and let the joy come in.

Once a Week Call

Ready to give step eight a try?  Do not overwhelm yourself.  Take it in stride and commit to making a call once a week to make amends.  Schedule it out so you make sure to follow through with it.

Open Mindedness

Everyone has opinions.  Sometimes we all can make hasty comments or decisions that negatively affect others.  Practice being open minded and empathetic next time someone offers a different opinion.  

Spiritual Growth

Read a religious book or personal development book.  Pray and meditate if that is your thing.  Whatever you do, do it with a desire for personal discovery and a connection to a higher calling.

Help Others

As simple as it sounds.  Helping others is the greatest cure for selfishness.  Helping others brings much joy and purpose into a person’s life.  

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