How Cool Can Sobriety Be?


When you are in the middle of addiction you may think that being sober is the lamest thing ever.  Truth be told, sobriety has way more cool points than drugs or alcohol ever could. Here are 5 reasons why being sober is cooler than you think.

Healthy is Hot

When abusing drugs and alcohol people often begin to neglect their physical health.  This neglect combined with the strain drugs and alcohol put on the body can cause a major impact on your physical appearance.  As you clear the drugs and alcohol from your body and adopt a healthier lifestyle you will notice many positive changes in the way you look.  Your skin will start to have a healthy glow and your hair will begin to shine.  

Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll

Drugs and alcohol can be expensive.  When you are feeding an addiction that cost can be outrageous.  One of the earliest benefits you will notice in your sobriety is the extra money you have.  When your only concern is getting your drug of choice, the amount of money you spend can go unnoticed.  The extra money can be used to do the cool things that you may never have thought of before.

Smart is Sexy

According to multiple studies, the ability to maintain an intelligent conversation is more important than physical appearance in how attractive a person is.  By addressing your addiction your mind will become sharper and you will experience a noticeable increase in short term memory.  While the forgetful hippy may get a few laughs on your favorite tv show, in real life being able to carry-on a conversation is far more attractive.

You Sure Got a Purdy Mouth

During the depths of an addiction, addicts will often neglect their dental hygiene.  When coupled with the damage caused by the side effects of drugs and alcohol, such as excessive dry mouth and teeth grinding, users can experience substantial damage to their teeth and gums.  One of the most well-known examples of this is the “meth mouth” many long-term methamphetamine users suffer from.

Nobody Likes the Smelly Kid

The human body does a great job of eliminating toxins from the body.  One of the body’s tools to eliminate these toxins is through sweat glands.  This can lead to users of drugs and alcohol emitting a foul odor caused by their substance of choice.  Many alcoholics will find themselves smelling strongly of alcohol when sweating the day after a heavy night of drinking.


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