Common Drug Combinations to Avoid

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Anyone who is interested in taking drugs or drinking on a regular basis might find themselves experimenting with the combination of recreational drugs. In fact, certain drug combinations, such as marijuana and alcohol, become popular because of the high they create. However, as with any sort of substance use, the high comes with a price. And the price is higher when drugs are used in combination with each.

Amphetamine and Ecstasy

Both of these drugs create a certain euphoria on their own. Together, the effect is an enhanced feeling of ecstasy and high levels of energy. However, combining these drugs don’t always produce this and instead can cause increase heart rate, seizures, shaking, confusion, and incoherent speech. This combination doesn’t always bring the high that users are looking for.

GHB and Alcohol

GHB is also known as the date rape drug. It slows a person’s nervous system down so that they become less responsive to what’s going on around them. When GHB is combined with alcohol, these two drugs are taken together they can shallow breathing, seizures, unconsciousness, and vomiting. Furthermore, GHB needs to be diluted and when done at the wrong levels can create an accidental overdose, which in turn can lead to medical intervention or even death.

Methadone and Benzodiazepines

Those who get caught up in a heroin addiction, find that methadone can help ease the addiction. Methadone is another opiate, just like heroin, making the experience of taking it similar to heroin. However, too much of a high might require the need for a downer, such as a benzodiazepine.

These drugs help to minimize anxiety and tension. Yet the combination of methadone and benzodiazepines can be fatal. The combination can increase the risk of cardiac arrest, nausea, dizziness, and even lead to unconsciousness.

Alcohol and Marijuana

This is very popular combination, primarily because both of these substances are available so easily. However,  the two together can create an exacerbated sense of blurry thinking, unresponsiveness, and dizziness, and disorientation that is already common with too much drinking. Essentially the drugs magnify the effects of each other.

A users experience might also include nausea, panic, passing out, and anxiety. It is also known that this combination can create more dangerous circumstances when driving and is the cause of many accidents.

Cocaine and Heroin

This is also a popular combination among drug users. As with the other combinations mentioned here, each of these drugs increases the effects of the other. Because of the intense highs, this combination of drugs is sometimes known as speedballing. Yet, the side effects include erratic heartbeat, sweating, loss of control, trembling, and unconsciousness.


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