Discovering Our Purpose in Sobriety

Our Purpose in Sobriety Before we entered into a life of sobriety, we were perpetually lost. Our sole motivation was to experience the relief provided by drugs and alcohol. Beyond intoxication, we did not consider any sort of greater purpose or reason in our lives. However, when we enter into sobriety and begin a process of spiritual growth, we are …Read More


Striving for Continual Spiritual Progress in Sobriety

Striving For Progress “Progress, not perfection” is a common saying in the rooms of Twelve Step recovery fellowships. We recognize that we are fallible and imperfect people, so we focus on consistent spiritual growth and development rather than perfection. If we expect perfection from ourselves, we may face disappointment when we are unable to live up to the impossible standards …Read More


Finding Balance in Recovery

Finding Balance One of the most wonderful gifts we receive from our journey of recovery is the ability to finally live a life of balance. Many of us lacked any sort of balance in our lives. Our addictions became our central motivation, and all other aspects of our lives fell by the wayside. When the problem is removed, however, we …Read More

Will I Be Less Creative in Sobriety?

Will I Be Less Creative in Sobriety?

There is a common myth that drugs cause one to be more creative. Musicians and artists do seem to be highly susceptible to addiction, but it is a misconception that their creative abilities are the result of the drugs they take. The conception is propagated by the stereotype of the drug-addled rock star or hard-drinking writer. The truth, however, is …Read More