6-Step Guide to Relapse Prevention Planning

6-Step Guide to Relapse Prevention Planning - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Relapse doesn’t happen overnight. At the time of the relapse, it may feel like a sudden, unexpected reaction. You may think you had one moment of weakness, and at the same time, your substance of choice appeared. That’s not how it happens. Relapse prevention planning can help during this process. According to medical experts and researchers, relapse happens in three …

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7 Tips for Staying Sober

Tips For Staying Sober - The Lakehouse Recovery Center

These tips for staying sober can help you prevent a relapse. Learn how from the professionals at Lakehouse Recovery Center. Getting sober is a huge accomplishment. Right now, you may be thinking about your future and how you will remain sober. You’ve learned early recovery and relapse prevention skills, and you know the importance of building a healthy support group. …

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Getting Sober in the New Year: 11 Tips For Success

Tips to Get Sober and Stay Sober - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Getting sober is not an easy journey. It requires a thorough treatment plan and strong support system, but it is absolutely possible – and always worth it. These tips can help. We’re not going to lie; the process of getting sober will have its ups and downs. Some days you will feel on top of the world, other days you …

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11 Things To Do Instead of Drinking This Holiday Season

Things To Do Instead of Drinking This Holiday Season - Lakehouse

The holiday season is here, which means you’ll most likely be surrounded by a lot of festive events involving alcohol. But don’t worry, here are 11 sober activities to help you avoid the temptations yet still enjoy the holidays! Research found over 40% of men and women admit to binge drinking during the holidays, specifically New Year’s Eve. Another study …

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