Does Recovery Ever End (And Where)?

Does Recovery Ever End? - Lakehouse Recovery Center

It’s often said that recovery is a lifelong process. Yet some might argue that if you’ve beaten an addiction, then by definition it should be beaten.  For the sake of making an analogy, if you gained far too much weight in college and worked your way to a normal bodyweight, you wouldn’t say you’re recovering from obesity, nor would you …

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6 Effects of Drug Abuse on Behavior

Addiction commonly creates change in the person who is suffering, and often, this change is noticeable in their behavior. These 6 common effects of drug abuse on behavior may indicate an addiction. While the story of each addict will be different, there are a few traits that seem to – in some form or another – follow those suffering from …

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4 Tips to Be Successful in Rehab

Preparing to Be Successful in Rehab - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Preparing yourself to be successful in rehab is an essential part of the recovery process, yet it is one of the most difficult. Here’s how to prepare yourself, mentally and physically, to be successful in drug and alcohol rehab. Rehabilitation provides a leg-up for climbing the steep hill that is the first few days of recovery. While admitted, the patient …

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8 Coping Skills for Addiction Recovery to Know

Managing and Coping With Addiction and Recovery - Lakehouse Recovery Center

When you enter recovery, the more tools you have in your corner, the better off you will be. This includes your coping skills for addiction. Wait, what exactly is a coping skill? A coping skill, when it comes to anything in life, is your ability to cope with all that comes your way. For example, if you encounter a speed bump, …

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