Substance Abuse Counseling: How It Can Help You Recover from Addiction

Outpatient Recovery Services and Therapy - Lakehouse Recovery Center

The road to recovery is a constant one, but with the help of substance abuse counseling, you can continue living your best life in recovery. Many people believe recovery from addiction starts with detoxification of the chemicals in your body. However, this is not where it ends. If eliminating drugs from the system was the only thing necessary for recovery, …

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How an Outpatient Treatment Program Helps With Holiday Sobriety

It can be difficult to stay sober during the Holiday season but an outpatient treatment program can assist you and help you stay on track during your recovery journey. There are times throughout the year when the struggle to stay sober is much harder than other times. Birthday celebrations, weddings, and regular stressful days when nothing seems to go your …

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Addiction Recovery Tips to Stay Sober During COVID-19

Addiction Recovery Tips to Stay Sober During COVID-19 - LRC

Are you currently struggling to stay sober during COVID-19? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone and we’re here to help. Below are some addiction recovery tips for you to practice. Staying sober during difficult times is hard for anyone in any stage of recovery. There have been so many things going on in the world today that you may feel like …

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The Advantages of a Los Angeles Recovery Community

Recovery Community - Lakehouse Recovery Center

For those going through recovery, nothing is as important as the power of community. Here are three advantages of our Los Angeles recovery community.  We thrive on being social, on hunting and trading, and on relying on each other to survive. And long before organized religion, civilization and written language, we relied on community. To this day, nothing can change …

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