6-Step Guide to Relapse Prevention Planning

6-Step Guide to Relapse Prevention Planning - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Relapse doesn’t happen overnight. At the time of the relapse, it may feel like a sudden, unexpected reaction. You may think you had one moment of weakness, and at the same time, your substance of choice appeared. That’s not how it happens. Relapse prevention planning can help during this process. According to medical experts and researchers, relapse happens in three …

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Dry Drunk Syndrome & Understanding White Knuckle Sobriety

Dry Drunk Syndrome & White Knuckle Sobriety - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Have you ever been driving in a severe storm? You slow down and focus your attention on safety. You no longer hear the radio and conversations among passengers. You do feel pain in your hands, though. The pain is from the tight grip you have on your steering wheel. It’s so tight your knuckles are white. White knuckles represent many …

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Your Guide to Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Overcoming addiction can be extremely difficult. It is essential to have a care team that understands your individualized needs and can create an addiction treatment plan for you. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we are dedicated to providing you with the utmost care and support during recovery. There are many defining factors of addiction, including an uncontrollable desire to use a …

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