How Do I Quit My Drug Addiction?

                It’s easier said than done when we say, you stop doing drugs. The simplicity and irony is overwhelming. That’s why it is easier said than done. Something miraculou happens in recovery. You can’t really learn how to stop doing drugs. What you learn through treatment is how to quit your drug addiction. …

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What Is A Day Of Residential Inpatient Treatment Like?

                A day of residential treatment varies from one treatment center to the next. Below, find a general description of the work, responsibility, and fun that goes into a day of healing at Lakehouse Recovery Center. Morning Responsibilities Detox is the time period for rest and restoration. Residential inpatient is where the work …

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The Benefits of Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Meditation | Lakehouse Recovery Center

  Recovering from addiction is no easy task. It’s never impossible, but the road looks a little different for every individual case. For some, a little love and a lot of time can help someone go from their lowest low to a happy place in their life without the need for intensive rehab or detox care. In other cases, it’s …

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Where to Find Strength When You Feel Weakened by Recovery

Sobriety | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Recovery is not an easy experience. You’re challenging yourself, on many levels, especially in the beginning to live without a substance(s) that you’ve been addicted to for a period of time. If you’ve gotten used to relying on alcohol to take the pain away, now you’re trying to unlearn that. Because of the challenges that recovery brings, you might feel weighed down, weak, or tired. You might feel overwhelmed by the triggers and cravings at first.

However, there are ways to find strength and feel stronger in your sobriety. If you’re willing to open up to others, change your perspective, and get support, you can find the strength you need to move forward. It’s easy to give in to a craving. It’s takes strength to resist it.

Because of the strength, courage, and commitment recovery takes, here are some ways to feel stronger in your sobriety:

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