What to Expect in Your First 3 Months of Recovery

What to expect in your first 3 months of recovery

  For three months your life is going to feel a lot like a rollercoaster full of ups and downs.  There will be times where the ride is awesome and other times there will be fear along with some bumps.  Many going through recovery can get lost if they hit a bump or two, but one setback does not determine …

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Are There Benefits to Having Your Pet with You in Recovery?

Are there benefits to having your pet with you in recovery?

  People love their pets.  A 2015 Harris poll showed that 95% of pet owners think of their animals as part of the family.  Pet owners have been shown to have lower blood pressure, a lower heart rate, and a lowered risk of heart disease than those who lack the companionship of a fur buddy.  As studies continue showing the …

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What are Tips on Sharing a Room During Treatment?


At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we offer private and semi-private rooms, as do most residential treatment program. In order to accommodate and serve the needs of more people, roommates are common in residential treatment. You learn how to respect another person’s space, practice patience, bond with other people, and ask for support. On good days, you’ll be grateful for having your …

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Why LA Living Is a Nature Lover’s Paradise

                  Located on the bottom end of Ventura county, Lakehouse Recovery Center borders many LA county nature spots. When people think of Southern California, they think of the beach, but they might not think of the mountains. Southern California is full of microclimates. We have our coast, we have our mountains, and …

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