What are Behavioral Addictions?

What are Behavioral Addictions?

Addictions Are Not Limited to Just Drugs Addiction is not limited solely to drugs and alcohol. It is possible for an individual to develop an addiction to an activity such as sex, gambling, or eating. When an individual is recovering from addiction to substances, there is a danger of transferring the addictive behavior to another activity or behavior. These addictions …Read More

The simple act of expressing gratitude and appreciation can get us back on track, as well as improve our happiness and health.

Improve Your Mental Health by Expressing Gratitude

  Everyone strives for happiness and joy in their recovery. However, it can be easy to lose our sense of appreciation for all the things we have been given by sobriety. We lose sight of how wonderful the gifts of sobriety have been in our loves, and find ourselves falling back into our past feelings of: Restlessness Irritability Discontentment The …Read More


What is Mindfulness?

Stress and anxiety can be powerful in the early stages of recovery. We often feel overwhelmed by our shame of the past and our fears of the future. However, mindfulness can help. The practice of mindfulness can help alleviate our fears by bringing our attention fully into the present moment. We can incorporate mindfulness into our meditation as a means …Read More

non-material happiness

Non-Material Happiness

If you base your happiness on things or people, what happens when they disappear? People come and go. They move, cheat, change jobs, lose interest, and of course, we all die. As for things, it is so easy to become preoccupied with the latest and greatest; some of us want the newest cell phone, others like cars, and some are preoccupied …Read More