Understanding Addiction and Mental Health Issues

What Is Dual Diagnosis & Why Is It Important This Mental Health Month?

While in treatment for addiction, it is not at all uncommon for an individual to get diagnosed with an underlying mental health issue, but what is dual diagnosis and why is it important to know about? In fact, statistics show that nearly half of those struggling with addiction also struggle with a mental illness. Whether they know this or not …Read More

Co-Occurring Disorders Mental Health Addiction

Co-Occurring Disorders: The Link Between Addiction and Mental Illness

It is hard enough to deal with an addiction, but having a mental illness on top of that makes things even more difficult. A substance abuse problem along with a mental health issue are co-occurring disorders. Though it sounds complicated, there are many forms of treatment and steps someone can take to recover and get their life back on track. …Read More

Using Grounding Techniques to Overcome Anxiety

Using Grounding Techniques to Overcome Anxiety

  In the early stages of recovery, anxiety can seem overwhelming. As our brains and body heal, we often experience symptoms of anxiety and stress from even the most normal of situations. Grounding is a coping strategy that can work to relieve or lessen these symptoms, making it easier for us to manage our day-to-day activities and continue undeterred on …Read More

psychic change

What is a “Psychic Change”?

The Process of Recovery is Includes More The process of recovery is more than just not using drugs. It is a process that entirely changes the way that an individual reacts to life. An entire shift in an individual’s thoughts and desires occurs, allowing them to achieve and maintain sobriety while enjoying a life of happiness, joyousness, and freedom. The …Read More