Are Psychedelics Dangerous?


Misconceptions About Psychedelics  There is a common misconception that psychedelics are safe drugs. Many people believe that psychedelics are non-addictive, less harmful, and less dangerous than other drugs.  While it is true that psychedelics rarely cause physical dependence, addiction is possible and there are many potential physical dangers from psychedelic drug use. Addiction is not the same as physical dependence. …

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Drama Doesn’t Happen to You, It Happens by You


Sober Life Is Better If you really think about it, how dramatic is your life when you’re sober? Do you lose your car, get into random bar fights, end up in jail, wake up not knowing where you are or who’s lying next to you? All of these situations may make for a good story, but for those of us …

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Social Reflections of Substance Abuse

psychic change

One of the first caveats in overcoming addiction is self-reflection.  A person dependent on a substance will be asked to do some major introspection in treatment.  Successful treatment must start with an individual admitting they cannot control themselves.  12-step programs can help greatly as most of the steps focus on self-reflection followed by action.  After dealing with self, successful treatment …

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Slang Terms for Heroin You Should Know

terms for heroin

The rabbit flies with the goose over the moon at midnight.  Spies have a very obscure and interesting language sometimes.  That cryptic phrase is gibberish to the common person, but the message is clear among the right people.   Likewise, heroin is illegal and naturally has developed a shrouded language of its own.  The terms used are diverse and cover …

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