Are Psychedelics Dangerous?

Are Psychedelics Dangerous?

  There is a common misconception that psychedelics are safe drugs. Many people believe that psychedelics are non-addictive, less harmful, and less dangerous than other drugs.  While it is true that psychedelics rarely cause physical dependence, addiction is possible and there are many potential physical dangers from psychedelic drug use. Addiction is not the same as physical dependence. There is …Read More


Using Technology to Help Your Sobriety

When we begin recovery, either at a treatment center, in therapy, or in a 12-step program, the first thing we typically hear is, “Start reading.” Often, we’re handed a book, or stack of books. You remember books, right? They’re those things fondly known as, “The dead tree Internet.” Turns out, all the recovery literature you need is available without killing …Read More

make it therapeutic

Anything Can be Therapy When You Make it Therapeutic

When we enter recovery for our addiction or compulsive behavior, we typically receive therapy as part of our treatment. The one-on-one time we spend with our therapist, as well as our peers in group therapy, is invaluable in improving our relationships with other people. We soon come to find, however, that therapy isn’t the only avenue for changing our attitude. …Read More

tolerance to opiates

Tolerance to Opiates is a Sign of Trouble

Opiate pain pills are a miracle of modern medicine.  When used as prescribed they can help manage chronic pain, ease suffering, and help an individual’s medical recovery become more manageable. There is also a dark side to opiates.  Opiates can quickly become dangerous when a person exceeds their prescribed dose.  They do so in order to have the same effects. …Read More