Finding Happiness from Within

Finding Happiness from Within

  Few of us ever experienced real happiness or joy until we embraced a life of sobriety. We came to realize that our conception of happiness was skewed– we had been confusing the pleasure and relief provided by drugs and alcohol with genuine happiness. Our reliance on external pleasure and validation became our greatest source of motivation. In sobriety, however, …Read More


What is Mindfulness?

Stress and anxiety can be powerful in the early stages of recovery. We often feel overwhelmed by our shame of the past and our fears of the future. However, mindfulness can help. The practice of mindfulness can help alleviate our fears by bringing our attention fully into the present moment. We can incorporate mindfulness into our meditation as a means …Read More

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Finding Freedom Through Surrender

  The idea that we can overcome addiction and alcoholism by admitting powerlessness may seem contradictory. After all, we need to gain power over our lives if we are to be free from the cycle of addiction. Surrender, it may seem, would be allowing ourselves to give into the power that substances have in our lives. However, when we finally …Read More

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Improve Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Daily Meditation

  Early sobriety can be a time when our stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming. The false sense of relief that came from intoxication is no longer present in our lives, and our brains are going through a process of healing. Twelve Step recovery fellowships suggest we take on the practice of meditation as a means of achieving conscious contact …Read More