Communicating With Your Teen About Addiction (and What to Do If They’re Suffering)

Teen Addiction Treatment - Lakehouse Recovery Center

The first thing to know if you suspect that your child is using substances is to stay calm. Don’t overthink, and don’t assume the worst. It could be that they’ve only used once. And even if they’ve developed a habit, this isn’t the end of the world – or the end of their life. Addiction treatment is available. Start off …

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7 Tips to Help Parents Prevent Teen Substance Abuse

7 Tips to Help Parents Prevent Teen Substance Abuse-Lakehouse Recovery

  Substance abuse among teens is nothing to take lightly. From alcohol to prescription to illegal drugs, there are many temptations out there. What can you as a parent do to prevent your child from becoming involved in substance abuse? Here some tips that will help.    1. Teen Substance Abuse: Start By Educating Yourself   There’s a lot that …

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8 Myths About Addiction: Debunked

Myths About Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

With so many myths about addiction, you may find it difficult to get treatment. Here are the most common myths – debunked. You know that you cannot always believe everything that you hear. And when it comes to addiction, there is no exception. Unfortunately, with the first step in overcoming addiction being to understand it, all the misinformation and rumored …

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