For Those I Can’t Even Days – Bed Yoga


The day of the week doesn’t matter as long as it ends in “y” to be one of those days where you just, cannot, even. “Adulting” as it is often called, can be hard! In recovery we call it “living life on life’s terms”. Some days the terms life lays out for us, like getting out of bed and being productive, are especially hard to cope with. For those us who are learning to live with a mental health disorder of some kind, we have to work even harder at using our coping skills to accomplish the basics and beyond.

Research is plenty now that the practice of yoga is good for you. Mental health, physical health, and spiritual health all receive great benefit from yoga. Getting into a yoga practice can be difficult on those difficult days when you don’t want to get out of bed. Good news: there is such a thing as bed yoga.

No Rules in Yoga

Yoga has no laws. Rule books for yoga don’t exist. Yoga pants, sweatbands, fancy mats, heated studios, relaxing ambient music- none of these things are required to make a yoga practice qualify. Among many other things, yoga is just the practice of moving and stretching the body while concentrating on your breath. Those morning stretches you perform from one side of your bed to the other? They’re totally yoga. Spinal twists, hip stretches, and some arm stretches are all doable from a lying down position. You’ll clear your body of toxins, get the blood flowing, and loosen up some of your emotional centers (like the hips). Here are a few perfect moves so when someone asks you to get up and hit the mat, you can say: Namastay in bed.

Spinal Twist Pose

Good for: lower back pain, releasing toxins, hips

How to do it: from laying down on your back take one leg and bring it across the other until your knee drops to the bed. Stretching out your arms, turn your head to the side of the twisting leg.

Breaking Wind Pose

Good for: lower back, releasing gas, hips

How to do it: you can do this stretch with each leg individually and both legs at the same time. The name comes from this position’s ability to massage your intestines. Bring your knees up to your chest and wrap your arms around them. For the individual leg, gently pull the knee to the side of your chest.


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