How Can I Work A Better Recovery Program?










Recovery can get stale every now and then as we reach plateaus after a considerable peak of growth. If you feel that your recovery needs a change of pace, here are some suggestions.

Go Back To Therapy

Sometimes, recovery through a twelve step program isn’t enough. Throughout life, we go through ups and downs, significant events which might trigger issues from the past. Therapy can help you go beyond what you accomplished in treatment and continue working on yourself. Through therapy you can identify the source of issues you are having, work through healing old pain, and create concrete ways to cope with these issues moving forward. Recovery helps you be a more independent and self-sufficient person. Recovery also teaches you to be mindful and be aware of your warning signs, especially when you need help. Going back to therapy isn’t a sign you’re “failing” recovery. It means you’re succeeding in recognizing when something is out of your control and taking the appropriate measures to get help.

Increase Your Meetings

Life gets busy after treatment. A full life is one of the many blessings of recovery. Being too busy can get in the way of the different components of your recovery program which helped you get to this point. When life takes off, it is easy to leave recovery meetings behind. If you feel you are getting uncomfortable or have the intuitive sense that your recovery program needs a boost, meetings are a great place to start. Chances are, you are going to hear exactly what you need.

Spend More Time With Recovery Peers

Nobody understands the journey of recovery better than other people who are on it. Spending some extra time with recovery peers helps you not to feel alone, find more compassion for yourself and others, while being reminded that recovery is a journey. You’re exactly where you need to be on it, at exactly the right time.

Be Of Service

If you haven’t sponsored in a while, worked with a sponsor, or taken a commitment at a meeting, now is the time. One of the best ways you can better your recovery program is to be of service and give back. If you don’t want to be of service in a recovery oriented setting, find new ways to volunteer, donate, and help others in need. Being of service doesn’t have to be a serious charity-focused effort. Help a parent with the groceries, cook dinner for friends, and offer to take out the garbage. Every little action counts.

Find More Gratitude

Gratitude is always a shortcut to working a better recovery program. Finding gratitude is what helps you remember why you stay sober every day and how you got to this place of even wanting to work a better recovery program. Recovery is what has given you the peace of mind and health you have today.
Lakehouse Recovery Center offers a unique twelve month after care program for clients who complete our residential treatment programs. Monitoring clients and helping them maintain their personal recovery programs for a year helps them build a foundation for a lifetime. For more information, call us today at (877) 762-3707.


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