Can You Stay Sober for Someone Else?

There is never a shortage of individuals coming to treatment because their parents, spouse, job, and friends are worried about them and their addiction. Sometimes, people will check-in to treatment just to get others off their back. Other times, they go in because they don’t want to lose their spouse, children, or job. They may have been given an ultimatum, or they may feel cornered. Whatever the reason is for coming to treatment, the only thing that really matters is the reason for staying.

Some people come to recovery because they were given a nudge from the judge, some come because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Whatever got you here may or may not be the determining factor on whether or not you stay. If you are staying sober for someone else, what happens if they’re no longer in your life at some point down the road? If you’re just trying to appease your family, what happens after they’ve gotten off your back?

The point is, if you’re not staying sober for you, things can happen with other people that are out of your control, and you may drink or use over any one of them. Who wants to live their life based on what someone else wants or needs? First and foremost, sobriety is a very personal gift to yourself. There isn’t anything on earth that could surpass this gift for an addict or alcoholic, because in every essence, it is the gift of life. If you are not willing or wanting to keep this gift for yourself, what makes it something you’ll want to hold onto for anyone else?

It’s not set in stone that a person couldn’t stay sober because of someone else, but it begs the question of how happy they will be in the long run? Experience has shown, that if you want it, and want it badly, you too can be successful in your own recovery. If you are ready to begin a new, fulfilling life, we can help. Give us a call, recovery is possible, and it is the absolute best gift you will ever give yourself.




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