Can Pets Help with Recovering from Addiction?










Pets Can’t Talk

This may seem silly but it has a lot of impact. Words can hurt. Hearing the wrong words can be discouraging. Hearing the right words can be overwhelming. Pets don’t have the ability to use words and twist language into ways which can be painful. Instead, they communicated in a different way through small noises and actions. Most of the time, pets are deeply devoted, loyal, and love unconditionally. Having a being to interact with who can’t judge, criticize, or give unsolicited advice can be very healing. Pets just show up and love their owner.

Pets Have To Be Taken Care Of

Addicts and alcoholics in recovery are learning to take care of themselves. Having a pet to be responsible for can be a great way to practice being responsible, holding yourself accountable, and giving love to another being. Taking care of pets have other bonuses as well. For example, dog have to be walked, which can lead to great outdoor activities, lots of exercise, and social interactions with other dog owners.

Pets Are Great For Stress Reduction

When ‘Fido’ gets into your closet and eats all your shoes it might not be too relaxing. Animals are prone to making mistakes just like human are. However, in those other moments when a pet is snuggled up, giving attention, and just being wonderful, it can reduce stress. Therapy dogs are brought to hospitals to interact with patients who have terminal illnesses. In elderly homes, therapy dog are brought by to cheer up the mood of residents. Various studies have proven that just being around dogs or other pets can be beneficial in mind, body, and spirit.

Lakehouse Recovery Center is unique in allowing residents to bring their pets to treatment. Each client is considered on a case by case basis. We know the importance and support having a beloved pet can have during a challenging time like early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. For more information on our residential treatment programs, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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