Can I Handle Moving in Sobriety?

Take Your Time When Making Large Decisions 

Don’t make any big decisions in your first year of sobriety. This is a common suggestion for newcomers in sobriety, and one that holds a lot of merit. Moving to another city is a big decision that can have a big impact on your life. It is important to evaluate the reasons for why you would want to embark on such a big change, and even more important, you must consider and address its impact on your recovery.

After treatment, it is not uncommon for patients to pack up and move to the area they got sober. This type of move might make sense for someone looking for a fresh start in an area where they have begun developing roots within the recovery community. It can be a healthy change, especially if going back home would have a negative impact on one’s sobriety.

Patients often find a temporary sponsor in treatment, and are attending meetings, and developing relationships with other people in recovery, and feel most comfortable where they’re at. This might be a lot easier for someone with little to no ties or obligations at home, as opposed to an individual with a family at home.

Discuss With Friends

If you are considering moving for other reasons, such as being unhappy, you should take a step back and discuss this with a few trusted people in your circle. The reason being, is no matter where we go, we bring ourselves with us. If you are uncomfortable with your life and where you’re at, you need to evaluate the reasons why. Is it because you haven’t met new, sober friends?

Are you feeling bored? Have you stopped doing things (aside from drinking and using) that you normally enjoy? Sometimes discomfort is just a part of the process of healing, and we have to learn to sit with it and be okay with who and where we are.

If you are currently struggling with addiction and are considering treatment, you are on the right track. You may have already tried moving elsewhere, but quickly found yourself in the same misery you were before you left. If you are ready to get healthy and change your life, we can help. Recovery is possible, and your new path can begin and it’s only a phone call away.




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