How Can I Convince My Friend They Have a Problem with Alcohol?











Here are a few things you need to understand about alcoholism and prepare yourself for when you decide to confront your friend. Remember, empathy and compassion are key. Stay away from any shame or stigma. Arm yourself with the facts. Show them the unconditional love they need and deserve.

Know The Facts About Alcoholism

Everyone loves a good statistic. There’s simply no way to get around numbers. One of your friend’s first arguments is going to be that they feel alone in their alcoholism and don’t want to be the only person suffering. In recovery, we call these arguments being terminally unique- an alcoholic will convince themselves of how different and alone they are, in order to keep drinking. These are the super quick sobering facts about alcoholism:

    • Alcohol is America’s favorite addictive substance
    • One in every 12 adults has an alcohol abuse problem
    • Millions of people engage in binge drinking on a regular basis
    • More than half of adults have family members who have been alcoholics or problem drinkers, making millions of people genetically susceptible to alcoholism
    • Alcoholism is a mental health disorder and referred to as a relapsing and remitting disease
  • It is possible to recover from alcoholism. Millions of people have done that too
  • Some pretty cool people talk about their alcoholism and their recovery. A-list celebrities like Robert Downey Junior, Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and many more have been open about their struggles.

Be Prepared To Be Told What A Terrible Person You Are

Nobody really wants to be an alcoholic. Nobody really wants to be told they are an alcoholic by someone they love, especially if it is someone else they have gotten drunk with. Why them and not you? Be prepared for the reactions to come, because there’s a good chance they won’t be pleasant. You are not the bad friend for confronting someone you care about in regards to their problem with alcohol. You are in fact the brave friend, the courageous friend and more importantly, the willing friend, who would risk a friendship in order to save a life.

Accept Ahead Of Time They Might Not Be Ready

You might think that a good friend, with tears in their eyes, statistics at their side, and a heartfelt plea would be enough to convince anyone that they need help. Denial can run thick in alcoholics. Your friend may not be ready to admit their alcoholism and go to treatment. If they are, however, it is important to have a plan in place to get them admitted as soon as possible.

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