Can Bass Fishing Be A Spiritual Practice For Recovery?










Chuck Queen, a contributor to Patheos really loves bass fishing. Writing about spirituality and bass fishing, Chuck explains that the idea of a higher power can transcend beyond religion. Sometimes, the spirituality one is searching for is waiting in the simple act of doing what one loves to do. People find their sense of spirituality or a higher power in different ways. The opportunity to experience new activities, explore new places, and contemplate new ideas is one that is unique to being in treatment for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s true, some people find their spirituality in fishing.

Queen writes that when he is bass fishing, he is “…doing something I love to do just for the love of doing it.” From the night before heading to his favorite lake to making his first catch, Queen explains that he has “never been more alive.” He finds that being able to do something he loves to do, simply because he loves doing it, brings him closer to his personal higher power, feeling thankfulness and gratitude “…much of the way for simply having the opportunity to do something I truly love to do.” The experience as a whole, he expresses, makes him “…believe it is making me a better person.”

By the time an addict or an alcoholic reaches what is often called a “bottom” they have often lost their sense of loving drinking and using drugs. Having difficulty getting high or drunk, they don’t find the same fun and pleasure in the process as they used to. Learning to love and do things simply because is often a revolutionary discovery for those in treatment. Drinking and drug use always had a reason. There was a need to escape, to change feelings, to fit in, to stand out, or any other number of reasons. Activities like fishing, or even the pursuit of new activities to do for the sake of loving to do them changes the way an addict in recovery can relate to the world. Creating new connections for pleasure and enjoying life is what recovery is all about!

At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we’re showing clients how to have fun again as they heal from addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis issues. Our beautiful residential home is located on the iconic Lake Sherwood where Bass Fishing is a regular activity. Integrative activities create a well rounded treatment program for total healing. Call us today for more information on our programs at  877.762.3707.


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