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When someone writes a blog, they often share their most intimate moments. They are real, raw, and to the point. They share their experiences because they want to connect with others who have experienced the same thing or who are going through it now. But because recovery blogs can be so honest, they can also be great tools for recovery.

How Blogs Provide Insight

Reading what someone else went through, especially if it’s a detailed account, can actually provide a reader with hope. Knowing that others are going through the same thing makes it a bit easier. Although addiction and recovery from addiction is hard, connecting with others about it can ease the pain of it.

Here are a list of 50 blogs on recovery and addiction. Some are more journal-like, containing a variety of articles as well as blogs. While others include a personal account of the writer’s life on and off drugs. If you’re looking for support, check out the following sites:

Seeking Help with  Professional

Of course, keep in mind that these sites are meant to provide support and perhaps ignite hope, strength, and courage in you. However, they are not meant to be a substitute for getting help. If you are currently struggling with an addiction, you might begin by getting in touch with one of the blog owners and sharing your story. Yet, you might find that the only way out of an addiction is to seek professional help. Because of the way that addiction affects the brain and the body, denial and destructive choices might only continue despite how badly you want to stop.

For this reason, contact a mental health professional for help. And continue to read the blogs listed above for support throughout your recovery.


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