Is Binge Drinking A Problem?










Binge drinking isn’t a problem until it’s a problem. For most people, inundating the brain with copious amounts of alcohol can be a little bit of a problem. Here are some of the things you need to know aboutit, if you are concerned you might be experiencing a problem.

It Is Still Alcohol Abuse

If you consider alcohol abuse to be a problem and you are a chronic binge drinker, you’ve got yourself a problem. Typically binge drinking is defined as five or more drinks in a two hour setting.

More technically, binge drinking is any kind of alcohol consumption which raises the blood alcohol content level, or BAC to or above 0.08 in a two hour or less setting. The brain and the body are immediately affected and compromised. Binge drinking and staying sober are hard to do at the same time. Fully intoxicated, it can lead to other complications, which makes it a problem.

 Damages Your Health

Some recent studies have revealed startling facts about binge drinking. After an episode of binge drinking, you have a higher likelihood of getting sick because your immune system is compromised. Not too worried about catching a cold after a night of epic partying? You might be less thrilled to learn that there is also a greater risk for heart complications within just the first few days after you binge drink. Alcohol abuse raises blood pressure and heart rate.

Binge Drinking Isn’t Alcoholism…Yet

It isn’t chronic, meaning you haven’t developed a chemical dependency on alcohol. That doesn’t make you immune to it. Not all binge drinkers will develop a chemical dependency on alcohol, or what is often called alcoholism. Binge drinking is not a predictor of alcohol use disorder. However, it can develop into alcoholism if there are symptoms of withdrawal.

Signs Of Binge Drinking

  • You don’t often drink, but when you do drink, you binge drink.
  • You can’t drink without binging.
  • When you binge drink, you tend to get a little out of control.
  • You get into fights, legal issues, arguments with loved ones, every time you binge drink.
  • Once you start drinking, people around you try to tell you to pace yourself.
  • Once you start getting drunk, people around you try to tell you to cut yourself off.
  • After a night of binging, you can’t remember what happens, you learn about many mistakes which did happen, and there’s always a mess to clean up.
  • You get hungover every time you binge drink- or- you don’t get hungover anymore at all.

Binge drinking is still a problem if when you do drink you can’t manage how much you drink or what happens as a result of your drinking. If you are experiencing problems with alcohol, there is a solution. Call Lakehouse Recovery Center today for information on how our programs can help you learn to live a life of recovery. (877) 762-3707.


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