Best Ways to Feed a Sugar Craving in Early Recovery (Cookies are a Sometimes Food)

You know how it is.  You walk into a group meeting session and there, almost glowing, is the table filled with cookies, donuts, mints, and coffee.  For a very brief moment you resist, followed by attempting to hold a conversation without launching projectile chocolate chips from your mouth.  Sugar seems harmless especially when you compare it to the real substance you are battling.  However, you need to remain guarded as you may be in danger of an addiction transference.

Many in recovery report they have experienced an addiction transference to sugar.  This transference is most common in those who are now abstaining from alcohol.  As someone recovering from addiction your body is still craving something to feel good.  Your body still wants a regular release of dopamine and serotonin to feel normal.

For many, sugar becomes that replacement.  So what are the best ways to feed a sugar craving without turning into Cookie Monster?  Here are three of the top candidates.


The natural sugars found in fruits are far better for your body than Molten Lava Chocolate Cake.  By eating some fruit, instead of indulging in the unnatural sugars found in most dessert-type foods, your body will still get sugar.  The sugar in fruit will release serotonin and dopamine at a healthy, normal level.  Fruit’s natural sugars can be just what you need to take the edge off of an urge to binge.

Eat Regularly

Processed sugary food cravings are far more difficult to fight off if the blood sugar level in your own body is fighting against you too.  By eating a good breakfast, followed by eating a moderate amount regularly, your body will maintain its sugar levels and trigger less urges.  

Take Glutamine Supplements

That is right.  These little beauties can help you stave off intense sugar cravings.  Glutamine pills are a supplement that provides your body with enough glucose to help beat processed food cravings.  These supplements function similarly to how a nicotine patch aids a person to quit smoking or chew tobacco.  Taking one before you know a craving might hit can help you abstain in a healthy way.

Cookies are amazing.  They are a great source of joy in moderation.  If you are concerned you may have an addiction transference to sugar speak with someone who can help you figure out how to approach it.

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