How Do I Best Prevent Relapse?

You did not sign up for treatment only to get caught up in addiction one year later.  You are committed to not becoming a relapse statistic.  You can do this and here are five good ways you can prevent relapse.

Long-term treatment

Statistics show that entering into a treatment program for ninety days or more is more effective than short-term addiction recovery programs.  There are many reasons for this.  One major reason is the longer you stick with a treatment program, the more underlying problems will surface to be dealt with.  Long-term treatment also offers guidance for the challenges every person encounters at various points during their recovery.

Holistic treatment

Holistic treatment, in this sense, means treating the body, mind, and soul.   When people think about the negative affects of addiction they first think about the body.  Addiction does change brain chemistry, damages organs, and harms appearance.  However the root causes of many addictions can be more psychological than physical.  If someone only focuses on detox and coping with urges, they can miss dealing with the root causes of their addictions.


Time in treatment is important, and good treatment centers know that you are not miraculously cured once you graduate.  To prevent relapse you will need to join a treatment center that has a well-thought aftercare program.  The length of time recommended for aftercare may vary, but most will centers will recommend one year.  During this time you will have regular checkups and things to participate in to ensure you solidify your recovery.

Develop a support system

You may have heard about developing a support system ad nauseum by this point.  The importance of a good support system cannot be overstated.  When your treatment program and aftercare ends you will still need a solid support system to prevent relapse.  Some who enter addiction treatment a second time around do so after decades without relapse.  Do not let your guard down.

Pursue your dreams

When you seek treatment for addiction you are seeking a new life.  A world of possibilities opens in sobriety offering you the freedom to dream big.  Focusing on your dreams is the best distraction from drugs and alcohol.  Pursue your education, get a new job,  or invest in your family.  Whatever you do, be adventurous.  Life is full of joys to be found on the journey.

The Lakehouse Treatment Center understands the worlds of active addiction and active recovery. Years of comprehensive experience have helped us build a unique program focused on changing lives and rebuilding families. From detox to sober living, The Lakehouse program focuses on learning how to live and have fun again- a treatment experience like no other. Call us anytime: 877.762.3707


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