Benefits of Working with an Individual Therapist

Many treatment centers are staffed with psychologists and therapists who desire to help a person’s treatment be successful.  Group therapy is awesome because it incorporates challenges from your peers.  Unfortunately, group therapy does not fulfill all of the needs a person has to sustain the longevity of recovery.  Individual therapy can fill that gap with these benefits.

Unique Treatment Plan

In group therapy great ideas are thrown out all the time regarding how to successfully stay sober long term.  Being bombarded with ideas might make you wonder what you should do first.  There is scarcely time to sift through it all in group sessions.

By exploring your addiction deeply in individual therapy, you can utilize some great things that have worked for people in staying sober.  Therapists will help you dive inward, and help you create a plan.  Your unique plan will be tailored to keep you from relapse for the rest of your life.

Finding the Root

Admit it; like everyone else in the world you may have no idea what is wrong with you. You wish you did, but every time you think about it you end up more frustrated with no answers. An individual therapist can help you discover the root causes of many of your thoughts and behaviors.  

Knowing why you do what you do can help you develop a more comprehensive treatment plan.  Finding the root causes of your addictions will be the key that helps you cope with cravings and triggers for the rest of your life.  

Accelerated Healing

Most people try to keep it together in a group setting.  When the pressure is too much tears can still come.  Much of what is keeping you from healing is still there because you cannot find an outlet for it.  For every tear someone sheds in a group setting, there are probably exponential tears held back.  In a private session with a therapist it may be easier to explore the deeper stuff causing pain and to let it all out.

 Therapists are concerned with your complete healing.  They know that in order for you to heal you have to journey inward and find the infections of your life.  Once an infection is dealt with, healing can begin.  

The greatest outcome in becoming vulnerable is realizing that you can trust people again.  Addiction brings a lot of pain and scars.  Consider individual therapy if you want to accelerate your treatment process.    

The Lakehouse Treatment Center understands the worlds of active addiction and active recovery. Years of comprehensive experience have helped us build a unique program focused on changing lives and rebuilding families. From detox to sober living, The Lakehouse program focuses on learning how to live and have fun again- a treatment experience like no other. Call us anytime: 877.762.3707


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