Attending Drug Rehab in Ventura County, CA

The benefits of attending an inpatient drug rehab center for addiction & alcoholism in Ventura County, California as opposed to elsewhere

When trying to decide on where to attend a residential drug rehab center there are obviously many things to take into account.  Among those things are; cost, health insurance options, location, amenities, nearby services, therapy services, personalized and customized care options, and much more.  From my own experience, having been in the grips of my drug addiction while my family was simultaneously trying to find a good treatment facility, it seemed that so much was in the mix and truly overwhelming! 

Because of our Southern California location, specifically the San Fernando Valley, we focused on trying to find relatively affordable treatment facilities within either Los Angeles or Ventura County, but preferably something that offered advanced treatment styles as well as comfortable & professional-type accommodations.  When my my mom first located Recovery Advocates in Thousand Oaks, CA it was almost love at first site…well, as much as one could love a drug rehab I suppose.  The price was affordable and the location was perfect in terms of luxury, amenities and so on.  The program was customizable to my own needs and included all sorts of wonderful services to help me understand why it is I do what I do.

I came to find that Ventura County and Thousand Oaks, California were among the most beautiful, pristine locations throughout the state.  Having the lake and mountains in the immediate vicinity were so special and calming to me, especially during those times that the recovery process seemed to take an emotional toll.  This experience was without question, life-changing in so many ways!


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