Are You Acting With Accountability?

Accountability in sobriety is like an insurance policy for staying sober. In active addiction, most of us had zero accountability to others, and we ran wild without a second thought. When you’re sober and you take commitments, other people begin to count on you. You begin to count on others, too. It’s much harder to veer off course on Friday if you promised to meet someone Saturday morning at your local coffee shop. No one likes people who flake out, so be true to your word, and start changing how you’ve done things in the past, but applying some of the following to your life:

  1. Get Involved – Ask for a commitment at your recovery meeting. Be proactive in your sobriety, because it will save your life. Meetings always need people to lend an extra hand, and this is also a great way to meet people and become a meeting regular.
  2. Clean Up After Yourself – You aren’t a child anymore, and no one else should have to clean up your mess. If you drink from a cup, clean it out. If you have wrappers, throw them away. It’s simple, but it’s a small piece of being responsible for yourself and accountable to your surroundings.
  3. Call Your Sponsor – If you have a sponsor, call them. If you don’t, either get one or get on track with your program and call other people in recovery. Sometimes that phone feels like it weighs 50 pounds, but pick it up anyway. It’s good for your sobriety, and it’s good for theirs.
  4. Suit Up and Show Up – If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Whether that’s picking up your grandma for church, or showing up to work on time, do what you promised. As you continue to do this, you will start to notice that people are beginning to trust you again. Nice, eh?
  5. Tell the Truth – No matter how hard it may seem, be honest. Your fellow humans deserve to be treated with respect, and telling the truth shows them that you respect them enough to not tell them lies. You don’t like being lied to, and neither do they. Plus, the truth is much easier to remember.


Accountability feels good, and if you want to experience what it feels like to live a good life in recovery, call The Lakehouse Recovery Center. You will learn the tools you need to begin living a sober, accountable life. Recovery is possible, and it’s possible for you. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) 762-3707.



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