How To Approach Holistic Therapies For The First Time


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Holistic treatment methods like massage, acupuncture, and energy healing are not available everywhere. Aside from a loving rub by a partner, parent, or friend, many people go decades of their lives without receiving healing touch or treatment of any kind. Skeptical and unsure, it is easy to run away from healing or shut yourself off completely to the benefits.

Unlike a medication which works within the bloodstream, holistic therapies require a bit of open-mindedness and willingness, not unusual for recovery. If you are nervous that going to treatment would be full of too many “luxury” treatments which won’t help you in your recovery, here are some tips.

Be Open About Your Hesitations

You won’t offend the practitioner because they’ve probably heard it all. Staying authentic and true to the nature of their practice, whatever it may be, is part of their job in providing treatment. Whatever your beliefs, doubts, insecurities, and hesitations are, it is likely the practitioner has heard them before. Getting it off your chest will actually kickstart the relaxation and help you begin to release blocked energy, which is what most holistic therapies focus on doing.

Work With People You Feel Comfortable With

During treatment, the practitioners which come on site to do healing therapies have been hand selected by the treatment center staff and specifically trained in working with addiction. However, that doesn’t mean you will be comfortable with them. In addition to being open-minded, it is also important to be intuitive about your privacy and vulnerability.

It might take time to open up or perhaps you just don’t feel it at all. Outside of treatment, it is important to work with people you feel comfortable sharing your energy with. Spending time in situations where you feel anxious or uncomfortable in any way isn’t meeting your needs the way you need them to be met.

Drink Plenty Of Water

After almost any holistic healing therapy, a practitioner will tell you to drink plenty of water. Releasing stored up energy and toxins in the body creates movement of free radicals and harmful substances. Staying hydrated helps flush the toxins out of the body, completing the cycle of the treatment therapy.


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