Are You An Alcoholic? Tell Tale Signs Your Drinking Problem Is A More Than Problem

Alcoholism doesn’t have to advance in order for you to seek treatment. If you identify with any of these patterns, call Lakehouse Recovery Center today. You don’t have to hit rock bottom in order to start a new life.

Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop

Except, it usually isn’t fun. In fact, you might not be able to remember the last time drinking was fun at all. Alcoholics have a hard time sipping on one or two drinks throughout an evening. Commonly called the “allergy” to alcohol, once the brain of an alcoholic receives that surge of dopamine-induced euphoria, it is triggered to want more- a lot more. Having just one is out of the question, despite best intentions and earnest attempts. Most alcoholics find themselves baffled by the end of the night, or when they regain consciousness if they are prone to blacking out. They only wanted to have one- they did not want this to happen again. It did and most likely, it will.

Your Mission Control Is Alcohol Consumption

You put a lot of time, energy, strategy, and planning into your alcohol consumption in order to try and control it. They should probably hire you for some secret agent sort of job considering how tactical you are. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t get the job because, you still end up drunk. You try to control how many drinks you have, how strong those drinks are, and how often you are consuming them, so that you can make sure you don’t get out of control. A big part of this inspired observation comes from wanting to stay out of denial that you are an alcoholic.

You’re Not An Alcoholic (You Think)

After yet another night of failed controlled drinking you find yourself wondering if you might have a problem. Alcoholism is pretty serious, as you know, and can have negative consequences including brain damage and liver failure. However, your concern is on the alcoholism part. Most alcoholics you know aren’t able to regulate their drinking, so they don’t drink- ever. Quitting drinking is something you’ve thought about. You aren’t sure you can do it. You might even be sure you can’t do it. Something within you says that you need to do it. A bigger part tells you not to.


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