Alcohol Abuse Treatment: Getting Help Can Save You

Alcohol Abuse Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comDo you feel that your life is out of control? Do you feel there are circumstances in your life that have gotten out of hand?

Sometimes there is a point where you realize you simply don’t have any control over your drug use or drinking. You might feel as though you need someone else to be the control or the rudder for your life, for a life that is spinning out of control.

Addiction to alcohol is considered a disease, not just a problem that’s gotten out of hand. It might be helpful to know that others have experienced this too.

You might also want to know that when you go for alcohol abuse treatment, you’ll be in the hands of those who know how to help you stop drinking. You’ll be in the company of others who have stopped drinking and made it through the change.

Addiction to alcohol is a compulsive yearning for a substance regardless of its negative impacts. It is now well known that even personality and genetic makeup can have an influence on the likelihood of addiction.

If you are suffering from alcohol addiction and you’re now at a point to make a change, consider alcohol abuse treatment.

Seeking Help For Addiction

Furthermore, when you seek help for an addiction, there will be attention placed on whether you have a co-occurring mental illness or not. For instance, the inability to regulate emotions, which is a symptom of Bipolar Disorder, can easily lead to drug use, which was the case with Terry.

When she was in her adolescence she began to drink. Growing into her 20’s, her drinking got worse and hasn’t stopped. She knows that attending alcohol abuse treatment would help her made the changes she wants to make in her life. Because Terry has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, she recognizes that the drinking is only a symptom to a larger problem.

Terry was diagnosed in her early 30’s. She lives in Westlake Village, a suburb within the greater area of Los Angeles. She has a difficult time managing her emotions, and to make matters worse, her current home life is not supportive and hasn’t been for years. Her husband helps her when he can, but he is mostly gone on business travel.

Mostly it is she and her two boys at home, and their unruly behavior seem to only worsen her swinging moods between depression and mania.

Terry recalls having a very difficult childhood. She cannot remember a time when her mother was completely attentive to her. One time, when she was about five years old, they were waiting in the lobby of a physician’s office where she and her brother we bothering all of the other patients who were also waiting and their mother completely ignored them despite their misbehavior.

In fact, Terry’s mother never tended to her, and so Terry never learned the important skill of emotional self-regulation. It’s something that most healthy adults do naturally. When sadness takes over in the middle of the workplace, most people can put that sadness on the shelf for a time being and attend to their responsibilities.

Plus, many adults experience that sadness as an emotion separate from their sense of self. However, those with Bipolar Disorder can easily lose their sense of identity, particularly when they experience intense emotions.

Getting Sober Can Save You

Terry’s hope is to get sober by attending alcohol abuse treatment. She wants to take good care of her two boys and avoid the negligence her mother inflicted on her. She knows that alcohol abuse treatment can support her ability stay sober and begin her journey of recovery.

Like Terry, you might know that beginning alcohol abuse treatment could be the most important step towards bettering your life. Although treatment will have both easy and challenging moments, if you can believe that you can reach sobriety, you will. Although letting go of drinking alcohol might sound frightening, the risk you take by entering treatment will lead to freedom.


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