Do Addicts See How Sick They Are in the Mirror?

If you’re an addict or alcoholic new to recovery, you may have been a little surprised at your appearance after you emerged from detox. If you’re not an addict, seeing your loved one in the throes of addiction can be disturbing and downright frightening. So, do we see what others see when they look at us? No, not really.  Different substances have different effects on a person’s appearance, but generally, we might notice some changes, but if we’re far down in our disease, our appearance doesn’t matter.

In active addiction, the disease rules our world. All we care about is getting high and getting more. Our bodies are the least of our worries. We don’t eat what we should (if we eat at all), we don’t not put drugs in our bodies for fear of what could be in them, and we don’t stay on top of personal hygiene. We aren’t the most lovely of creatures in our disease, and we don’t care because the person who would care, isn’t home.

Without help, many of us don’t make it. If you’ve seen any ad campaigns on meth use, you may have seen photos of addicts and the progression of the disease in their mugshots. As the disease progresses, our insides are being eaten away, and our outwardly appearance begins to show the illness. Sores, hair loss, gray or yellow skin, yellowing of the eyes, rotting teeth, and extreme weight loss are a few of the more common physical effects of the disease. We might notice some of these changes, but when it’s you, it may not be as apparent as it is to someone else. If you are struggling and beginning to notice physical changes, call us.



Addiction takes a serious toll on our minds and our bodies, but we are some of the most resilient people on earth. If you want to stop using or drinking, you can get healthy again. No matter how far along your disease has come, The Lakehouse Recovery Center will help you begin feeling good, really good, from the inside out. Do something about your addiction. This is an opportunity to get help and to move forward with your life. You are not alone in this. Give us a call, and begin a new path. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707. You can recover, call now.


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