Why Do Addicts Make Excuses For Not Going To Treatment When They Need It?










Most addicts and alcoholics are aware that drugs and alcohol are bad for them by the time they’re thinking of reaching out for help. To at least some degree, they know that their lives are being torn apart, their brains aren’t working, their bodies are sick, and life is not what it should be. Treatment is what would help. Any kind of help would help. Yet they find themselves making excuses for going to treatment. Why wouldn’t someone who is dying of addiction and alcoholism get the help they need to survive? It’s a matter of the mind. Unfortunately, it can’t always be mind over matter when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Addiction and alcoholism disrupt the natural processes of the mind. Up becomes down. Down becomes up. Logic ceases to be logic. The irrational becomes rational. Almost every area of the mind is affected, changing the way the brain think, predict, and analyzes. Many of these processes can create excuses for not going to treatment. Underneath them all, there is one primary, primal function which gets in the way. Despite knowing that drugs and alcohol are dangerous and unhealthy, treatment still will not be the best option. That is because addiction and alcoholism alter the Midbrain which is where the brain stores what it needs for survival. Giving up drug and alcohol addiction to go to treatment sounds like the thing to do for survival to anyone whose brain hasn’t been overtaken by mind altering substances. For the addicted brain, on the other hand, giving up drug and alcohol addiction is an immediate threat to survival. Chemical dependency does not fall short in its terminology. Being chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol makes it feel, quite literally, like your life depends on them. As a result, the brain will conjure up any number of excuses for not going to treatment in order to protect the ability to drink and use.

Common Excuses For Not Going To Treatment

  • I have too many responsibilities to take care of: What gets put in front of recovery is often lost. Recovery is a matter of life and death. You can’t maintain your responsibilities if addiction takes your life. When you’re clean and sober, you’ll be better equipped to do so.
  • I have a job I can’t lose: Job and financial responsibilities are an understandable deterrent for going to treatment. Jobs cannot fire you for taking time to work on your mental health due to various laws. There’s also a catch to treatment- you’re going to be a better, healthier, happier, and more productive worker afterwards. You never have to disclose you went to treatment for an addiction- if you do, employers cannot discriminate against you because of it.

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