Addiction: A Pushing Off Point

Sobriety Is a Choice

Living addicted is a battle. If you’ve been there, or you’re there now, it is truly a fight for your life, and one that too many lose. Addiction is being stuck  in a repetitive day in and day out cycle of drinking or using, and behavior that you will inevitably reflect upon in recovery. If you are one of the lucky one’s who reached out your hand and asked for help, use your addiction as a stepping stone to the rest of your life. Sobriety isn’t a sentence, it’s a choice.

Most oeople who have never had addiction issues will also never have the experiences you have. Your experiences don’t define you, but they all contribute to who you are today. You may not feel grateful for your addiction right now, but someday, you just might. For instance, many of us in recovery have come to know and love others who have walked our same path. These people have become our tribe, and without having gone through the struggles of addiction, we never would have met.

Building Resiliency

Addiction has also given us a remarkable amount of resiliency. The things we’ve seen and experienced in a relatively short time span are quite often enough to last a normal person several lifetimes. How many “normies”- those who do not live with the disease of addiction,  could overdose multiple times, perform CPR on a friend who still didn’t make it, go to jail repeatedly, or live through several robberies?

These types of experiences normally don’t happen to “regular” people, but they are common amongst addicts and alcoholics. When we don’t have to experience them anymore because we don’t have to drink or use, we can use our newfound sobriety as a pushing-off point.

Recovery isn’t a place to fall off and dwell on the past. Healing means we have to forgive ourselves and move on. Use your addiction to push forward. If anything, your experience with addiction  has made you stronger than you know, and if you can get and stay sober, you can do anything. Recovery is a choice. No one has to stay, but those of us who do, are choosing to live. Really live.

If you want to experience recovery, call The Lakehouse Recovery Center. We can show you how to live, and how to love your life without drugs and alcohol. Make the choice today. Choose you. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) 762-3707. Recovery is possible. Call now.


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