Accomplishment List: What Is It and Why Should You Keep One?

Accomplishment List | Lakehouse Recovery Center

The Benefits of  an Accomplishment List

Many people are big on to-do lists to help out with organization and decluttering the mind. However, fewer people have been introduced to the idea of an accomplishment list, and it’s one that you should know.

To create an accomplishment list, after you complete a project or goal, no matter how big or small, add it to the list. This type of list can create a positive impact on your life in many ways.

  • It will keep you focused on productivity. Rather than looking at a to-do list and seeing how busy you are, an accomplishment list shows you how much you’ve accomplished.
  • Looking over your accomplishments can produces a happiness boost.
  • By putting your focus on what you’ve achieved, you can positively enhance your overall view.
  • Having reminders of all that you’ve accomplished can motivate you to keep working hard at your current goals in order to achieve those as well.

Try starting an accomplishment list putting your wins onto paper and remember to look back at this list every now and then to remind yourself of all that you’ve achieved to this day.

Click HERE for the full article by Andrew Merle on Huffington Post.


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