Accepting that Your Family Needs a Break


Addiction is a family disease that affects everyone close to an addict.  Lies, stealing, and isolation have placed a wedge in the relationship that may not be easily removed.  After returning from treatment understand that things may not be perfect immediately.  

They are exhausted

Watching a family member suffer and not being able to do anything to help can be exhausting.  While it might have been your body that was using drugs and alcohol, your loved one’s physical health suffered as well.  The stress and lost sleep from constantly worrying about their loved one can wreak havoc on a person’s physical and mental well being.  Try to understand that while your body is adjusting to sobriety and recovering from the damage done by your addiction, your loved one’s body is also recovering from the damage caused by stress.

Trust will take time to regain

Addiction has been referred to as a disease that lies.  Lying is a part of the disease addiction in the same way that a fever is a part of the flu.  In addition to lying to themselves about the severity of their addiction, addicts often lie the most to the people closest to them.  After spending years being deceived, it is not fair to expect your loved ones to completely trust you as soon as you return from treatment.  Your loved one may even question the sincerity of your recovery.  The most important thing you can do for your relationship is to understand that it will take time to rebuild the trust that once existed between you and your loved one.  Try to avoid getting upset or taking at a personal attack when your loved one is untrusting.  Just continue showing them that your recovery is real and that you are working on becoming the best you possible.  Eventually, your loved one will learn to trust you again.

Your family may need to adjust to having you back

Depending on how long you were in treatment, your loved ones may need to readjust to you being back in their life every day.  While you were isolated in your addiction and then during your time in treatment, your loved ones may have formed routines and regular activities that did not include you.  Understand that it make take your loved ones a little time to adjust to having you as an active part of their life again.


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