8 Ways To Enjoy Nature In Recovery













Recovery can take us to new places and new experiences we never imagined before. Spending time in nature can be a healing and transformative experience for mind, body, and spirit.


  • Take a mindful hike: Mindfulness in nature is proven to improve health and feelings of wellbeing. Spending time in green space or any kind of nature gives you a healthy dose of fresh oxygen, a break from the constructs of man, and an opportunity to connect with something greater than yourself. Wherever you go hiking, focus your attention on your breath as you observe your surroundings. Notice the different colors, textures, and landscapes. Become fully present in nature and have a spiritual experience.
  • Visit a new park: The country is full of mandated parks big and small. From a neighborhood playground to National Parks and monuments, America is full of amazing protected nature and public lands to visit. Find a map of local county’s parks and natural areas then start visiting them. Each park is a little bit different.
  • Go on a road trip: Taking a road trip is getting into nature itself as many long distance highways are surrounded by vast open spaces. Being on the open road is connecting the nomadic culture of human nature, exploring and roaming the earth. Pick somewhere nearby or pick somewhere far away then plan with sober friends.
  • Explore the sea: Nature exists in water as it does on land. Going on a boat ride, snorkeling, scuba diving, learning a new water sport, going on a lake, visiting a river- any kind of water interaction is connecting to nature. Visit the beach for a day or dive into a local lake.
  • Find a zoo: Coming upon animals in nature isn’t always lucky or safe. Zoos can be an educational experience which put you face to face with some of the wildest animals while learning about the way they survive, the challenges they face, and how they overcome them.
  • Camp: Getting into the great outdoors with a tent or a camper is one of the best ways to submerge yourself into the natural elements. Camping has been proven to reset the circadian rhythm, helping you to get better sleep.
  • Garden: Dirt, leaves, plants, and flowers, are all part of nature. Bringing nature home can help clean the oxygen in your house and improve your wellbeing. Studies have found that being able to look outside a window and see green is a benefit for mental health. Gardening has also been proven to reduce stress and blood pressure, making it a calming and restorative activity.
  • Watch Documentaries: When all else fails and you can’t get outside, use your technological device for teleportation. Research discovered that watching documentaries about nature and the earth still have an effect on mental wellness almost as great as being out in nature physically.

Lakehouse Recovery Center is located on the serene Lake Sherwood, surrounded by local mountains and forests. As part of our program, clients are encouraged to spend time in nature, swimming in our lake, going out on our private boat, and exploring the local mountains. Our program uses clinical therapy and holistic healing to support our ultimate goal of showing clients how to live without drugs and alcohol. For more information, call us today at (877) 762-3707.


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