8 Things to Know About Addicts & Alcoholics

Addiction is a mysterious disease to people who don’t have it. In fact, a lot of people who don’t have it don’t even know it’s a disease. For some, certain situations may feel awkward around an addict or alcoholic, because you’re not quite sure what to say or do. For instance, you may feel uncomfortable ordering a drink at a restaurant, or squirm a bit when someone lights up a joint or does a line in a movie.

StiIl interestingly, you’re not the only one who feels awkward. Often times, when someone who doesn’t have a substance abuse problem (a“normie”) is uncomfortable around us, we become uncomfortable because they’re uncomfortable. Double-edged sword, right?

Few Things Addicts and Alcoholics Wish Others Knew

  1. It Can Happen to Anyone – Don’t be shocked when you find out someone is an addict or alcoholic. It’s a disease, and with help, we can overcome it.
  2. The Stigma Hurts – It’s bad enough being addicted to drugs or alcohol. Then to be in recovery and treated poorly because we have a disease makes having it much worse.
  3. No One Wants to Be Addicted – We don’t want this anymore than you do. No one wants to be an addict or alcoholic when they grow up.
  4. There’s No Need to Bring Up the Past to Someone Trying to Improve Their Future – We are well-aware of how bad our behavior was, and we have to live with it everyday. Passing judgment on someone isn’t a good look on anyone.
  5. It Might Be About Something More than Just Getting High – Addiction is commonly associated with untreated mental health issues and self-medication. If you want to help someone, find out why.
  6. We Are Valuable – Our disease does not define us. We are smart, kind, and important, just like you.
  7. Recovery Is Hard Work – Our sobriety is our number one priority, and we don’t drink or use no matter what.
  8. Our Choice Is Ours, Yours Is Yours – Someone else’s choice to drink or use is theirs, and isn’t going to suddenly turn us into crazed fiends in search of our next fix. You don’t need to feel awkward when a server hands out the wine list, or someone is getting loaded on TV.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, The Lakehouse Recovery Center can help. The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful, but it is treatable. We have the solution, and we can help you change your life. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) 762-3707. You are not alone in this. One thing that is true of addicts and alcoholics, is that recovery is possible. Call today.



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