4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Each Day In Recovery










Recovery is a renewed lease on life after brushing the edges of suffering and possible death with addiction. Here are four ways to maximize every day in recovery, no matter how great or small.

  • Take at least one moment every day to slow it down and reflect: “Life moves pretty fast” , the famous character Ferris Bueller once theorized. “If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” Everyday you wake up with a beating heart, you wake up with a good reason to be grateful you’re in recovery. Taking time to slow down and reflect on how amazing it is you are sober helps you stay focused on the point of staying sober. Life doesn’t have to be a perfect dream world in order for you to be happy about staying sober. Each day you are clean and sober is a new opportunity and an absolute blessing.
  • Carefully consider all of the opportunities which come your way before jumping in: Addicts and alcoholics maybe know better than anyone the painful consequences of jumping in with two feet forward before examining the risk. Known for impulsivity, not quite spontaneity, and a lack of consideration for negative consequences, addicts and alcoholics have to be extra mindful of considering the consequences. “Acting as if” and taking “contrary action” are popular philosophies in recovery to help retrain the brain to do the right thing instead of impulsively jumping in.
  • On the other hand, dive head first into a few things: Part of recovery is learning how to live entirely and cope with the circumstances life presents. Life gets a little messy sometimes. No matter how professional we become in managing our stress, stress can still happen. Our recovery empowers us to deal with that stress when it happens. Sometimes, we make a good decision with good intentions, and something negative still comes of it. It’s okay. Learning to accept life, cope with life, and continue living life sober is what recovery is all about.
  • Be curious: Nobody likes a know-it-all! After going through treatment and staying sober for sometime you might find that you feel like you have the answer to everything. Overcoming a life threatening mental illness and learning to live in a healthy way certainly is a lifetime accomplishment, but it isn’t the only thing to be overcome in life. Humility and humbleness, two often emphasized spiritual principles in recovery both encourage us to be more teachable. Realizing we don’t know everything, we can be more curious in life. Now that you are able to see life more clearly in a more present way, you are able to be more curious about everything life has to offer. Learn more information, take time to ask questions, and be open to really listening to answers.


At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we believe learning to have fun in recovery is of the utmost importance. Our clinical and integrative program heals mind, body, and spirit as our recovery and non-recovery activities help clients learn to live their lives to the fullest without mind altering substances. For more information, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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